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Every business has an identity, a look, a feel.
How this is communicated will largely determine how the brand is then perceived in the marketplace.
We get the importance of branding and the positive effect the right branding can have on a business.
We specialise in creating high-impact graphics and signage for our clients to showcase their brand both internally and externally. 

With a vast portfolio across various industries we have the expertise and knowledge to pinpoint which signage is best suited for your business.
We work closely with graphic designers to establish graphics that work to complement your brand and elevate it to a new level.
We will transform inspired branding concepts to complete, installed signage that works!

Design is in everything we make, but its also between those things. It’s a mix of craft, science, storytelling, propaganda, and philosophy.

– Erik Adigard

Branding - By Habitat 1
Branding and Identity

A new business or space lends itself to a new identity or brand. We can ensure this new look is translated into your signage, wall graphics and facades.

Mount Gibson Iron - Office Fitout - By Habitat1
Holistic Design

Every part of the design process is carefully considered and we enjoy working collaboratively to create unified, seamless and innovative design spaces.

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Innovative Materials

We relish in using the latest and most innovative materials, either they be eco-friendly, tactile finishes or a visual feast, we bring textures, tones and blends to life.

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Clever, Integrated Spaces

There are lots of nice work spaces out there, but few that feel… just right. Integrating spaces together can only be achieved well, when a thoughtful use of materials, graphics and lighting interconnect in a seamless, holistic way.

Hayes Knight - Office Fitout - by Habitat 1
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