Activity Based Working

Activity Based Working (ABW) is a robust model that becomes part of the DNA of you organisation, responsive to internal and external factors.  ABW is a model providing choice in the settings we operate, where, when and how.  Work is more s function, not a place.  When applying ABW, Habitat 1 adopts the 4P approach: Profile, Position, Propose and Present.


We take the time to discover your organisational requirements and assess the business case to ensure this type of working suits your needs.  We engage with all stakeholders to confirm cultural alignment with this flexible model of functioning, focusing on generating considerable cost savings with the reduced footprint and enhancing productivity through increased collaboration.


We clearly define the cost impact of staff and utilisation studies, design, technology, furniture, services and policy items.  We match the important activities of the business and plan what needs to be done; with whom, where the best place is and how it will be done to ensure that the solution is fit for purpose, boosting productivity, collaboration and creativity.


We design a tailored solution to get the most out of your space.  Auditing your spatial and storage needs for current and future capacity will assist in creating an innovative and effective workplace.  Habitat 1 will provide concept drawings, block and stack layouts and look and feel presentations so you can visualise the space.  Creating an agile work environment with developed organisational capability.


We deliver your Activity Based Working environment with a thorough engagement of all stakeholders from briefing through to occupation and beyond.  Assisting in the change management process, providing a clear programme of works and delivering the construction phase with time, cost and quality considerations is standard operating practice for Habitat 1.

ABW is a robust model that becomes part of the DNA of your organisation, responsive to internal and external factors.   We collaboratively identify your spaces for:

work-circle         meeting-circle         breakout-circle
Habitat 1 is committed to delivering a tailored ABW solution for your needs, responsive to an agile workplace.  ABW assists in:

  • Reducing your footprint requirements and occupancy costs
  • Improving communication, collaboration and productivity
  • Staff attraction and retention
  • Encouraging innovation and creativity

Engaging Habitat 1 on a Design and Construction basis will deliver your ABW project in line with your time, cost and quality consideration.  Our seamless solution will accelerate your programme and generate cost saving, providing significant value across the entire project.

Why work with Us?
  • Can work to short time frames
  • Projects are on time and within budget
  • We are registered builders
  • In house interior designers & project managers
  • We are industry leaders

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