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Monson Agencies Australia Pty Ltd is one of the leading Australian shipping agencies with their new head office and centralised customer support hub being based in Fremantle, Western Australia.

Monson Agencies Australia’s new commercial offices in Fremantle celebrate the structure of the building, enhancing the existing architectural elements with contemporary design.
By leaving the large timber trusses exposed creates great impact upon entering the space. The use of black and white produces a timeless feel while incorporating various hues of blue keeps the scheme on trend.
Celebrating the shipping industry, the use of corrugated metal wall cladding evokes similarities of shipping containers and stylised drawings of shipping related images enhance a sense of fun and playfulness.

Breakout areas and open plan workstations establish an environment conducive of communication and inclusivity, making staff feel comfortable within the space and increasing productivity.
Boutique styling to the boardroom and waiting area boost the sophistication level of the fit-out and shows personality. Further adding to the character, large lettering act as both branding and a dividing screen giving the office its own identity.

So how did the Monson journey begin …

Perth Fitouts Steps


Habitat 1 completed Monson Agencies Australia previous commercial fit-out in Fremantle and when it came time to look for a new working home, Habitat 1 was front and centre. Monson had outgrown their existing commercial head office and teams were dispersed in various locations adversely impacting productivity and communication.

Monson were looking at various locations in and around Fremantle and Habitat 1 assisted with initial floor plans to gauge the viability of each space and then we helped with feasibility budgeting to facilitate leasing negotiations. The old Sails restaurant on Level 1 of the bathers pavilion was eventually chosen because of its location and character – but it needed a bit of imagination and work to turn it into a modern office environment.

Images Before Construction
Perth Fitouts Process
Fitouts Process
Perth Fitouts
Fitouts Perth


Habitat 1 have a tried and tested three stage approach to the design and construction process commencing with concept development followed by detailed construction documentation and then Project Delivery. Habitat 1 preformed a detailed Concept study to clearly show how the space could be used and what the likely cost would be to remove the existing commercial kitchen and build a modern fit for purpose office environment suited to Monson’s requirements. We sat down with Monson and listened to what their requirements were and then translated these into the built environment via the Conceptual floor plan. To assist in conveying what the finished project could look like we developed a 3D model that allowed the client and project team to virtually walk through the space at this early design stage. There were a number of compliance issues such as disabled access that needed to be resolved through clever design at this early stage.

Fitouts Concept
Fitouts Concept Drawing
Fitouts Concept For Monson

Inspiration and style

Habitat1 Mood Board
Habitat1 Fitouts Plan
Detailed Fitouts Plan

Detailed Documentation

After the Concept Design was agreed and signed off we moved into the detail documentation stage.  It is important to develop the concept design into accurate construction documentation to ensure that there is a clear basis for costing and construction.  We build it to scale on paper before we build it for real. This ensures there are no clashes on site and that all trades have a very clear expectation of what they are required to deliver.

Throughout this detailed design stage we were constantly liaising with our trades to ensure that constructability issues were fully considered and incorporated into each trade package so that there were no delays when it came to the building works.

Habitat 1 also developed all the planning and approvals documentation required to ensure that the Development Application (DA) for the change of use, Certificate of Design Compliance (CDC) and Building Permit are all successful lodged with the relevant authorities.

During this documentation phase we needed to undertake some ‘Value Engineering’ as the budget was revised down.  One of the areas where we saved some money was on the large Monson lettering graphic in the reception area.  This was originally going to be large 3D independent letters however through clever design we were able to still create a big impact without having to throw around big money.

When we had developed clear and concise documentation packages broken down into the various trade packages we got multiple companies to price each package to ensure that Monson was getting the best value for money.  This was then compiled into a detailed lump sum budget for Monson’s approval.

Fitouts Plan


After agreement with the building owner Habitat 1 undertook all the base build make good works. This saved the project both time and money as we were able to schedule all the works to be done in the most efficient manner. This also meant that Habitat 1 was the central point of contact for the entire project meaning the ‘buck stopped with us’ if there were any issues.

Fit-out projects like this one involve a multitude of specialist trades that need to be managed and coordinated on site.
These include:
> Site supervision and Project Management
> Access and Engineering consultants
> Demolition and waste removal
> Ceiling fitters
> Partition erectors and glaziers
> Flooring trades
> Painters and decorators
> Mechanical installers (air-conditioning)
> Electrical Trades
> Plumbers
> Fire Services
> Joinery
> furniture delivery
> Cleaners etc.

As with most projects there was a last minute rush to complete the project on the agreed date. We pulled out all the stops (and called in a couple of favours) to ensure that we hit the move in date and Monson successfully moved into their new working home in early 2016.

Habitat 1 then coordinated the Certificate of Construction Compliance (CCC) and Occupancy Permit. Since Monson have moved in we have been back to install two new meeting rooms that were originally omitted from the project to save money but were later deemed necessary.

These works were undertaken outside of normal working hours to minimise disruption.

Fitouts Construction Process
Fitouts Progress
Perth Fitouts Construction

The end result…

Monson are proud of their new fit out and how it represents their culture. Their new head office is an environment that all team members enjoy working and interacting within. The management team noticed quickly how productivity improved with enhanced communication both formally within the designated working environments and informally within the various breakout areas. Monson have got the office they envisaged at concept stage and are proud to call Level 1, 47 Mews Road their new home.

If your business is embarking on a relocation journey then let us buy you a coffee and discuss how Habitat 1 could help you achieve your project goals cost effectively.


Perth Fitouts Completion
Fitouts Completion Perth
Perth Fitouts