Habitat 1 and Brolga Developments and Construction are a full interior design and construction solutions company.
We specialise in design and construct of commercial offices, hospitality, retail and medical consulting suites.

Habitat 1 is a subsidiary of Brolga Developments and Construction (Registered Builder 11638) .

Q: I’m looking for a new space. Where do I start?
A: Right here with Habitat 1!  We are a full interior design and construction solutions company. We specialise in design and construct of commercial offices, hospitality, retail and medical consulting suites. We can assist in providing conceptual floorplans and budgets to help determine the right property for your business. If you haven’t found the right space, then we can also put you in touch with trusted property agents to identify the right space for the right price!

Q: What’s involved in the Design & Construct process?
A: Habitat 1’s design and construct process usually starts with a client brief and budget. We then put together a concept plan before progressing to the detailed documentation of the proposed construction. Finally we then construct the newly designed interiors. Brolga Development’s team of experienced trades and sub-contractors ensure the highest quality construction is delivered.

Q: Is there a benefit to using a D&C company?
A: One of the main benefits to engaging a design company like Habitat 1 that is in close partnership with Brolga Developments and Construction is the fact that everything is undertaken and managed under the same roof. Each client is assigned an Interior Designer and that person manages all aspects of the project from the initial concept through to the final handover of the project ensuring ease of client contact and peace of mind knowing you have a dedicated person in control of your project.

Q: How much will my fit out cost?
A: Each development will have its own unique circumstances that will influence the overall costs of a project. Factors like is there any demolition works required, do I need additional air conditioning, what level of finishes do I want to specify and ultimately, how much do I want to spend all effect the overall costs. We work with our clients to achieve a high level of design at a cost to suit their budgets.

Q: I have a moving date deadline. How long does the process take?
A: Typically we can get detailed design completed in approximately 4 weeks and construction times vary depending on the complexity of the project. When putting together project time frames, we include external factors like building management reviews, council approvals and lead times on joinery or any specialised equipment.

Q: Do I need a Building Permit?
A: There has been a long term understanding that works under $20,000 do not require a Building Permit. Although some fit out work may not require a fit out contractor to be a registered building contractor, there may still be a requirement to obtain a building permit. For example, although the value of the fit out work is under $20,000, the work may affect the way in which the building complies with each applicable building standard, so a building permit would be required. Generally, the three determining factors for Building Permits are Changes the existing path of egress to an exit. Changes access requirements for compliancy. Changes or alters the existing services (fire and emergency systems, mechanical ventilation etc) and may impact on the compliancy of the building.

Q: What is CDC?
A: Certificate of Design Compliance is issued by a private certifier (Builder Surveyor) after they assess the proposed building plans against the Building Codes of Australia and issue the certificate. The certified plans are then required to be submitted with the Building Permit application.

Q: How do I know if I will require a Change of Use for my new tenancy?
A: As a general rule, if your intended use is the same as the previous business then it is unlikely to require a change of use. If you intend to change the use from retail outlet to restaurant, then it will require a change of use.

Q: I have a lot of existing furniture and equipment that I want to include. Is this possible?
A: One of the benefits of designing with Habitat 1 is our flexible approach to maximising your finished product while working with you to minimise the costs! We can conduct a survey of your existing furniture and include it in the floor plan to ensure a cohesive design.

Q: What contractors do I need to organise?
A: None! Habitat 1 has a large number of contractors that we have close working relationships with to enable full construction services for our projects. If you have a specific requirement in your project, we’ll source the right professional for the job and guarantee the results. It’s all part of the service!

Q: Can I order chairs and tables through Habitat 1?
A: Our designers are fully experienced in sourcing and specifying every aspect of your project. From office workstations, screens and office chairs through to restaurant banquet seating, feature lighting and beyond. We can handle every detail of the project, no matter how small!


“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like…
design is how it works”

Steve Jobs

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